Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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Machine sewn

"YATNA" woman's leather gloves
A polished cheek on the skin? How do you like it ? An unlined glove model in an unusual design, where the back is decorated with a wider triangular slit. The end of the glove is hemmed and hand stitched. The narrow, shorter cut of the model is suitab
from: 2 990 Kč
"PRANAM" woman's leather gloves
Summer color combination of bright yellow with olive green color of lamb. Fingerless ladies gloves. The belt is hemmed. The spine is slightly open with a flower perforation. Choose your color variation according to your mood. Or stay in tune. The you
from: 2 850 Kč
"ASMITA" woman's leather gloves New
Women's unlined leather gloves in a combination of NAPPA palm and brushed leather on the back. In this case, ivory in the palm and sky blue nubuck on the back of the glove. A combination of sewing hand stitches with machine stitching in the palm of y
from: 3 250 Kč
"VÁJA" woman's leather gloves New
CRAZY colours chauffeurs - let's make each day more colourful with bright pastel colours, chauffeur, or just without lining fashion glove as much as you want. Machine sewn. Gloves are made of lamb or goat, lined with contra trim, and belt you can ch
from: 2 650 Kč
"ASTÉJA" woman's leather gloves New
Women's gloves without lining with perforated back gloves, very airy. Machine sewn. Gloves are made in a combination of lamb / goat, with perforated back of lamb from Pittard’s EN, wrist ends with a fine serrated hem, on the side with a small slit f
from: 2 950 Kč
"SANKALPA" woman's leather gloves
Elegant elongated model of women's unlined gloves with deeper slits. The model is wrapped around the arm, it copies the whole and elegantly extends it. The wrist is decorated with a delicate strap in the palm of the hand with a pearl button. There is
from: 2 990 Kč
"ANŽALÍ" woman's leather gloves
Back to the past, it may seem in the imagination of this model that evokes this feeling. And with what? The choice of material is quite clear GLAZÉ gloves with a characteristic light back of the leather. The floral perforations give the model a class
from: 3 180 Kč
"HATHA" woman's leather gloves New
Sun / moon, double-breasted stitching on the back of the hand topped by delicate fans, brings this model to the hall of fame and I revive it in my collection. In 1999 it received a prize in the Kabo Prix competition. Machine sewn. Gloves are made of
from: 2 760 Kč
Women's leather gloves VASISTHA Blue New
Elegant - sporty model women's gloves. With a strap on the back of the hand and a gentle drawstring in the palm of the hand. Machine sewn. The only unique pair with wool lining size 7. Combination of hazel with blue navy.
2 850 Kč

Custom-made gloves, with the personal approach and care of a glove-maker named Ludmilla.

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