Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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Creative set and video course SURYA NAMASKAR

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The creative set is designed in such a way that according to the attached printed instructions or with a video course, each individual can manually sew leather gloves with or without lining. The contents of the set are the basic cut of the leather glove (2 main parts of the glove, 2 thumbs, 12 pcs inserts), lining of choice, hand needle with triangular tip, ignition paper and instructions. Types of decoration - smooth without decoration, Czech hand cord, Greek cord and French cord, end of hand hem or blind stitch inside the glove - please put in the order note. When selecting, you must measure the size of your hand correctly, select the type of lining, skin colour and thread. You can do everything after watching the video by selecting right next to the photo. NEWly, we have prepared a size 5.5 for young ladies! From the age of 11.
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According to this video course, you sew your gloves by hand as you wish. Sewing gloves is no big deal. Anyone can do them. Step by step, you will learn the whole process of sewing gloves, decorating, and finishing with or without lining. You don't need a sewing machine to sew. Working with glove leather is a completely different view of the leather itself, it's very soft, it's tacky. Once you have finished sewing and put the gloves on, it must become your second ‘skin’, which guarantees the elongation and softness of this leather. The whole process of sewing gloves is something unusual, stepping out of your comfort zone, using your own fine motor skills and patience. You will experience relaxation in the form of your own test of what you can do. Believe me, everyone can do it, we just forgot how.

Don't be afraid to unwind, and create something completely unique, personal with the value of stability and portability. Whether for you personally or as a gift. The first short video will guide you through the course. Then it is entirely up to you to choose your product in the "Creative Set" section. Follow the instructions, by measuring the hand, selecting the type and colour of leather (leather), the type of decoration and the type of lining and finish.

At the end of the whole sewing process, YOUR gloves will be created, with all their perfections and minor flaws, but they will be yours and unique. The entire work and final product is in your hands.

Custom-made gloves, with the personal approach and care of a glove-maker named Ludmilla.

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