Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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"ANANDA " woman's leather gloves
Women's gloves with a sporty look of the model. On the back of the glove is a hand-embroidered Greek cord, around the wrist is a belt with a press button. I chose cashmere lining, you can also choose wool as desired. The light form of the lining can
from: 2 890 Kč
"VIKALPA" mens  leather gloves
Men's model of a glove, pulled down at the wrist with a belt on the back of the glove with snap fastening. The glove is embroidered with a machine cord, a common classic for the men's line. They are made of fine lambskin with a wool lining, machine s
from: 2 890 Kč
"YATNA" woman's leather gloves New
Women's leather gloves made of olive green nubuck, combined with corneline orange color. It is used on the middle finger at the index finger, hand stitching on the back of the glove and stitching the hole to stick the index finger to control the trig
from: 2 990 Kč
 Men's leather gloves HANDICAP model New
Men's leather gloves tailor-made for the disabled. In this case, it is a glove with six fingers. The model is chosen classic with Czech cord and machine sewing. The wrist is gently pulled with an elastic band, the lining is cashmere. A dream come tru
from: 5 000 Kč
"NIRODHA" men's leather gloves
Men's model with a visible, very pleasant cashmere cuff, which follows the lining of the glove, is knitted in one piece. On the back of the glove is a belt with a print, and a Greek hand-embroidered cord. The palm gently tightens the rubber band. The
from: 2 890 Kč
"PRANIDHANA" men's leather gloves New
Two-color men's glove, dark brown with cognac color. The glove is complemented by a gentle closure in the wrist of the glove on the back in the shape of a triangle with a print. It is decorated with a Czech cord on the hand, inside is a fluffy warm c
from: 2 990 Kč
"ČÍNTANA " men's leather gloves New
Men's gloves with a classic Czech hand-sewn cord are tightened at the wrist with a belt. The rubber band in the palm ensures that the glove "sits" on the hand. Machine sewn. They are made of American deer. They are made of Nappa deer. They can be ma
from: 2 890 Kč
"AVIDJA " woman's leather gloves
Classic women's glove, slimming cut with inserted fur in the wrist, which can turn on the back or remain hair inside the hand. The glove is decorated with a double hand cord in a non-traditional shape. Triple hand stitching is guided from the corner
from: 2 890 Kč
"ABHJÁSA " woman's leather gloves New
Women's gloves in the form of something between driving and fashion look at the unlined model of the glove. The fine cut on the back of the glove is complemented by a four-row perforation around it. Holes can be found in the rows on the fingers, palm
from: 2 750 Kč

Custom-made gloves, with the personal approach and care of a glove-maker named Ludmilla.

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