Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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What do we imagine under the lining in gloves?Choose gloves


It is a textile or knitted glove that separates the leather of the glove from your hand skin. Its main purpose is the so-called Warm gloves to keep you warm when you wear them. Or just separate the leather and your hand.

Most used today are linings of cashmere, wool or a combination of them, which are machine knitted. We also distinguish sewn linings, namely pure silk, fleece, fur, rabbit lining, and viscose silk.

Cashmir: the fibre is obtained by combing the hair of the Cashmir goat, while lathering in spring. It's very soft and warm. One of the world's most expensive natural fibers. Its lining is number one on the glove market. A brand of luxury, softness and warmth. Its warmth is 6 times that of classical wool. The material excels in stability and durability. It has self-cleaning properties, holds its shape and does not stretch.

Wool: the oldest textile raw material is sheep wool, obtained by shearing sheep and then subsequently by further processing into fibre and knitting into lining. 

Advantages of wool, warm even when wet, has self-cleaning abilities no need to clean or wash its breathable. It can also itch.

Pure silk: natural silk is a secretion of silkworm glands, obtained from its cocoons. Its further processing makes it a material suitable for making gloved linings, which are cut from a knit of pure silk and sewn. It's very pleasant, warm and very thin. The silk lining is year-round, warms in winter and cools in summer. In these gloves with silk lining, the hands remain slender, and with feeling.

Fur linings: are made of rabbit or so-called lamb, the most used two materials with hair - hair. But you have to remember that while this lining meets the incredible thermal insulation, it also increases the volume of the glove by up to 1 size.

Fleece: artificial fur (borg) and other linings.

Sewn lining
Sewn lining
Pure silk
Sewn lining
Sewn lining
Fake fur
Knitted lining
Knitted lining
Knitted lining
of wool and viscose
Leather with lining





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