Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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Ask for a shared workshop in Dobříš so-called. "Shared Workshops" can take ideas for creating, producing or repairing things into your own hands. All necessary equipment can be tested and borrowed in the workshop. And of course, I'm happy to help you with everything and advise you.

How it works in my workshop adapted to make gloves?Here, too, you can take your children and let your ideas run wild. Children's workshops are possible for me.

In the workshop you can try working on all available machines, which are designed for making gloves and smaller leather products, working with textiles and other materials for this production.

For larger projects you need to bring your own material, but otherwise you can use cuttings of leather, pieces of textiles and various small accessories for production (rubbers, ribbons, buttons, ports, thread straps, cotton, various applications).

There is a large worktable in the workshop, it is possible to put one more in the space in the middle.For children, I have prepared a so-called BIGSHOT children's plotter where each child will try out the "cutting out" of the decoration on their own. In my workshop there is a possibility to heat your food, make coffee or tea, available fridge, toilet, etc. Machinery workshops are glove machines stucco, varnish, given uniform, double-breasted, machine sewing textile with cropping (lining, lycra). For textile production there is a straight Minerva machine, Yuki, Rimoldi 3 thread overlock with cropping, coverlock double Kansai. Machine to sew rubber, and embroidery on the skin, straight sewing. There are also basic fasteners, adhesives, a blowtorch, an ironing table for gloves. An integral part of the workshop is a hand press for stamping and a section of small ornaments controlled by a lever. You will also find a Saddlery Tail, a glove donkey for hand sewing gloves, an unlimited range of die-cut decorative irons of all possible shapes.

There are many possibilities for your “goofing around” or professional ideas. Do not hesitate to look into the magic of working with leather .

Price by agreement according to a specific request, and hours of use of the workshop.

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