Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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Unique gloves courses with my personal care Workshop application

Are you tempted to infiltrate the mysteries of traditional glove craft?

I am the last glovemaker in the Czech Republic and with enthusiasm and passion I pass on traditional glovemaking practices. I taught in Germany, Ireland and Poland in large workshops and small workshops. Glove-making is an amazing craft, and I'd like you to meet it.

Sign up for one of my workshops: whether in my workshop or right by you.

And then I have one very special offer: my mission is to preserve the craft of glovemaking in the Czech Republic. That's why I'm offering a special three-month VIP package right at my workshop. You´ll come through the secrets of the glove shop like few others. You master all the machines and special techniques of sewing gloves. You will have my three-month care, in which I will give you everything I know and know about this wonderful craft. You will become a glovemaker and carry on a beautiful mission.

Choose from my offer of unique gloves courses:

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Sew your own gloves in my workshop

The course is designed for all those who like hand products and want to make their own original pair of gloves.

I'll introduce you to the technology of making gloves.

I will prepare a creative set of material, you will cut and assemble everything in the workshop yourself.

We'll spend a pleasant 8 hours together crammed with creativity and information about the glove craft.

You will be given a glove script for subsequent study at home.

Bonus Offer: Come in two, bring a friend or colleague, the other participant has it for half.

Price: 9 500 Czk / person

Second participant has 50% discount


Sew your own gloves I'll come to you

The course contains everything the courses at my workshop, just a package of material in color on request I will prepare you directly to measure from the sent drawing of your palm.

We spend a pleasant 6-7 hours together, packed with creativity and information about the glove craft.

The course is suitable as an experiential workshop to revitalise your event. Whether it's teambuilding, a birthday party or a bachelor party. Sewing your own gloves is addictive, and you may be surprised to see who around you will fall completely into this predilection.

Base rate: 8,000 Czk

+ Material 1,850 Czk/person.
+ Fares: 10 Czk/km


Become a glovemaker (retraining course)

This VIP package of my care is suitable for all those who want to sail deep into the craft of the glove shop and fully embrace it.

You have over 240 hours of practice and theory of the beautiful craft of glove-making.

You will be with me in the workshop and on the road, you will experience the operation of the plant, work on commissions and live workshops.

Suitable for designers, designers, but also traditional craft enthusiasts

You will receive a Certificate of Graduation.

Obdržíte Osvědčení o absolvování.

Price: 120 000 Czk

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How are the courses run? Přihláška na workshop

In my courses, I pass on the basics of the technological process of making gloves. Because it takes time to make gloves, I do before the meeting itself before preparing the material. Before starting the course, send me your hand measurements, selected color shade and glove type. We spend a pleasant eight hours together, taking into account the complexity of the decorations. Courses in my workshop are for at most only 2 people, exit courses for max. 5 people, so we can go into detail about each of your works. The course includes a creative set, which consists of a slice of the selected glove type, a sewing set (triangular needle, cotton, ornaments), a lining and a complete description of the technological process of making gloves.

Every woman's and man's hands are more beautiful if they're wrapped in beautiful gloves. Come and make yours, original ones that underline your character, and at the same time support the wonderful craftsmanship that glove-making unquestionably is.

• Participants wear hand-designed, embroidered and tailored leather gloves of their choice.

• According to the leather coloring on my website, you choose the skin tone, the type of lining and measure your hand depending on whether you are right- or left-handed.

• Choose the type of gloves, or perforation, cross-sections, embroidery, stretches, buttons or decorations - all according to fantasy, taste and personal taste

• During the course you will also learn about the history of glovemaking, materials used and working with them. Recommendations on maintenance and treatment of gloves are an integral part.

We make not only gloves Inquire individual production

It is also possible to buy semi-finished products for own production of gloves, or small leather haberdashery, various leathers, fabrics, ornaments, linings and everything associated with it from my workshop and e-shop.

In addition to the workshop, it is possible to retrain as part of a lecturing activity supported by EU funds.

As of 2020, I have accredited educational programs of the Ministry of Education. More information here.

I offer teaching or lectures in schools and all other institutes that show interest in this craft. I am ready to travel and teach, wherever there is serious interest in the craft, whether in schools or private companies, to train and train workers in the field of glove sewing and glove maker.

Shared workshop Ask for a shared workshop

Ask for a shared workshop in Dobříš so-called. "Shared Workshops" can take ideas for creating, producing or repairing things into your own hands. All necessary equipment can be tested and borrowed in the workshop. And of course, I'm happy to help you with everything and advise you.

How it works in my workshop adapted to make gloves and textiles.

In the workshop you can try working on all available machines, which are designed for making gloves and smaller leather products, working with textiles and other materials for this production.

For larger projects you need to bring your own material, but otherwise you can use cuttings of leather, pieces of textiles and various small accessories for production (rubbers, ribbons, buttons, ports, thread straps, cotton, various applications).

There is a large worktable in the workshop, it is possible to put one more in the space in the middle. In my workshop there is a possibility to heat your food, make coffee or tea, available fridge, toilet, etc. Machinery workshops are glove machines stucco, varnish, given uniform, double-breasted, machine sewing textile with cropping (lining, lycra). For textile production there is a straight Minerva machine, Yuki, and Minerva.with wheel.  Machine to sew rubber, and embroidery on the skin, straight sewing. There are also basic fasteners, adhesives, a blowtorch, an ironing table for gloves. An integral part of the workshop is a hand press for stamping and a section of small ornaments controlled by a lever.

There are many possibilities for your “goofing around” or professional ideas. Do not hesitate to look into the magic of working with leather or textiles.

Price by agreement according to a specific request, and hours of use of the workshop.

More information on the phone: +420 603 503 022 or at


Contact us with questions about your order or business proposals, we will get back to you.

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