Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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Women's fur gloves PRAKRITI OR

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One hand green the other red, playfully turn your palms up, back to the ground. A playful combination of red and olive green. Women's hand-sewn fur gloves. Size 7 They are made of COURLY lambskin, where the so-called curls provide a completely natural insulation due to their placement, there is no other model that would keep you warm more than this glove. The glove is a classic European cut for standard hand measurements. This model can also be made in a French cut, which has a slimmer - narrower design and longer fingers. It is essential to follow the hand measurement procedure. For some models, it is possible to change the color of the thread, see the color chart.

Price: 2 996 Kč
Originally: 4 280 Kč
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Custom-made gloves, with the personal approach and care of a glove-maker named Ludmilla.

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