Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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Glove decorations


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1. Middle Vulstna
The leather (leather) thread is a stretch of a narrow strip from the skin, where you can choose its colour, in the shade of a glove, or in another shade chosen by you.

2. Three Vulstna
Are three intertwines side by side, here is also the stretching of narrow strips of skin already pre-cut holes. All three can be in the color of the glove, or simply enter them in which shade you will like them.

3. Greek String
This hand ornament is slightly more robust in its appearance, carefully spaced tiny knives create an elongated hole for subsequent embroidery. Using the embroidery process, you adjust the tightening intensity yourself (in the case of a creative set), otherwise the overall appearance consists of regular sausages in three rows.

4. French String
Unambiguously speaking, the elegance, the beauty, the subtlety in every detail created by this cutting mould for French hand ornamentation. In the colour of the glove or in another one chosen by you, the cotton is stretched in that direction to form this drawing on the back of the glove.

5. Czech String
About one of the oldest and typical ornaments of all time, inherently belongs to the classic of every type of glove women's or men's. Here are carefully arranged spikes on the cutting body (in the past, gramophone needles), where after piercing the ornament is hand-embroidered with cotton in that direction. It may again be in the colour of the glove or the shade of cotton chosen by you.


1 - Middle Vulstna
2 - Three Vulstna
3 - Greek String
4 - French String
5 - Czech String




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