Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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Hand sewn

"RASAJANA" men's leather gloves New
Men's Peccary with deer lining, yes, this exclusive offer of extra warm yet incredibly soft lining pushes the model to the level of luxury top in the Peccary glove line. Decorated with hand embroidery and finished at the wrist, they are also "skin to
from: 6 300 Kč
"TÁDŽAS" men's leather gloves New
Men's gloves Peccary when the classic chauffeur model is moved to the level of preservation of the exceptionality of the Peccary material while gently opening the back of the glove. They end up like an entire model with a hand-sewn belt with a fasten
from: 5 800 Kč
"RÁDŽAS" men's leather gloves New
ROCKY BALBOA Peccary men's glove in classic model fingerless - fingerless, on the back decorated with Greek cord at the slit for possible switching by small press button. This rebellious model of noble Peccary completes the outfit "tough guy". Hand s
from: 4 850 Kč
"JAMA" men's leather gloves New
Best choice for cold, men's fur mitten, on the back decorated with three hand embroidery, classic design, possibility of production even in women's size numbers. The end of the glove can be rolled up in the cuff or just left elongated in front of the
from: 3 150 Kč
Configurator - PADMA men - hand sewing New
Choose your own gloves, this unique configurator allows you to put on your own gloves step by step. From the basic choice of color on the individual parts of the glove - palm, back, thumb further type of material, sewing and lining. The colour of the
from: 3 680 Kč
"EKAPADA" men's leather gloves
Hand-stitched men's driving glove, with perforation on the back, palm and thumb to ensure breathability of the model. Hand sewing. They are made from Nappa lamb, where hand sewing adorns the hem of the joint holes that connect the back of the glove
from: 3 990 Kč
"ATMAN" men's leather gloves
Best choice in the cold, classic fur men's gloves with three hand strings on the back of the hand. Hand sewing elevates this model to the level of luxury in fur. Hand sewing. Made of so-called COURLY lambs, where the so-called curls ensure a comple
from: 4 650 Kč
"APANA" men's leather gloves
The men's classic is presented in a traditional model with a slit in the palm, and hand Czech embroidery on the back of the glove. Cut is narrow around the wrist of the hand, the slit ensures comfortable wearing of the glove. Hand sewing. Made of s
from: 3 440 Kč

Custom-made gloves, with the personal approach and care of a glove-maker named Ludmilla.

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