Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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"VÁTA" woman's leather gloves  Cork 7 size New
A noble Peccary women's glove in a classic model of a chauffeur enriched with threads of the same material, but from the reverse part, on the back of the glove is a hand stitched fine belt, the perforation ensures the breathability of the model. Hand
6 480 Kč
"PITTA" woman's leather gloves New
Best choice for cold, gloves - a mitten with a single French cord on the back of the glove. Hand sewing elevates this model to the level of luxury in fur. They are decorated with a fur hem, and tiny fur pompoms on a leather cord Made of so-called. Ha
from: 3 550 Kč
"YATNA" woman's leather gloves New
Women's leather gloves made of olive green nubuck, combined with corneline orange color. It is used on the middle finger at the index finger, hand stitching on the back of the glove and stitching the hole to stick the index finger to control the trig
from: 2 990 Kč
"NIDRA PECCARY"  woman's leather  fingerless gloves New
Women's fingerless gloves with a small cut on the back of the glove integrally connected with a fine press button. The gloves are completely hand sewned, including the Royal stitch hem. They are made of the luxury Peccary  on the back of the hand an
from: 3 300 Kč
"GEDUCHI" woman's leather gloves
Variability of the combination of colors with fine embroidery and the same tone of the hemming color, including lacing on the back of the glove. Variations of a summer model in a car or just to protect hands from the sun and external weather conditio
from: 2 950 Kč
"SADHANA" woman's leather gloves New
Second model glove pouch without bright ornaments, but in leather style, fineness in decoration and shade gloves are made from very fine lamb. Machine sewn.
from: 2 490 Kč
"TRIGUNA" 3in1 women's gloves, sleeve and tunnel New
Triguna, three meanings in one model will provide you with a combination of fine leather with a flexible pouch connected to the glove, completed by a tunnel - a neck pouch with buttons in the color of gloves. Machine sewn. The glove is made of lamb,
from: 3 850 Kč
"MÁJA" woman's leather gloves New
Incredible softness of the natural material in every detail and the leather classic gloves in extended length to mid forearm. Hand sewn. Fresh classic Material is used natural deer, the only material that can be "laundered" with care of course, lini
from: 3 590 Kč
"TAMAS" woman's leather gloves
Softness in every detail, this classic model in an extra fine goatskin with golden silk lining adorns fine details of trim, embroidery and sewing in a different shade. Machine sewn. The material is used super soft goatskin, lining pure silk light sh
from: 2 950 Kč

Custom-made gloves, with the personal approach and care of a glove-maker named Ludmilla.

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