Traditional craft shown in hand-sewn gloves.
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"ŠANKARA" mens leather gloves- Black size 8,5

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Noble Peccary men's gloves in a non-traditional model of a chauffeur, enriched with weaves of the same material, but from the reverse part. There is a hand-stitched fine strap on the back of the glove, the perforation ensures the breathability of the model. Hand sewn. There is nothing to add to Peccara can be called "Ferrari" between the gloves. Experience a unique moment in this model. I guarantee you, you won't want to take them off.

Made from Peccary leather, originating from pigs living in Peruvian jungles, they are characterized by their "openness" stability and sustainability when worn. peccary is sewn exclusively by hand. Their extra softness and at the same time sponginess guarantee the incredible strength of the material. The glove is a classic European cut for standard hand measurement. Here it is possible to make a French cut, which solves the slimmer - narrower cut of the glove and longer fingers. It is necessary to follow the hand measurement procedure see. For some models, you can change the thread color, see the color chart.

Gender: Men
Material: Peccary
Lining: Unlined
Price: 4 860 Kč
Originally: 6 480 Kč
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This product cannot be ordered in any other material. This product can also be ordered in a luxury box. Check when selecting options under Packaging. By filling out the INQUIRY form, we will send you a calculation with the delivery date. Or call us on the phone: +420 603 503 022 and we will arrange everything together. Ask for actual available color.

Custom-made gloves, with the personal approach and care of a glove-maker named Ludmilla.

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